2. 10+ Essentials

Do I have what I need to take care of my group if an emergency occurs? This list is meant as a guide. In groups, every individual does not need to have all ten essentials (for example, only a few need to carry navigation essentials) but it needs to be planned out.

  1. Navigation:  map, compass, GPS system
  2. Sun protection – sunglasses, sunscreen, and a sun hat
  3. Insulation – jacket, hat, gloves, rain shell, and thermal underwear
  4. Illumination – flashlight, lanterns, and headlamp
  5. First Aid Supplies
  6. Fire – matches, lighter, and fire starter
  7. Repair kit and tools – duct tape, multi-tool
  8. Nutrition – food makes all the difference
  9. Hydration – water and water treatment supplies
  10. Shelter – tent (emergency shelter: space blanket, tarp, bivy)

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